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Serenilite Flex Bars, Hand and Grip Strengthener, Forearm Exerciser Workout, Tennis Elbow Relief

Flexible Resistance Bar | Grip Strength Trainer, Forearm Exerciser Workout | Flexbar for Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow - Hard (Blue)


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  • HARD RESISTANCE FLEX BAR - The Blue Hard flex bar offers 25lb resistance making it great for people who are live an active lifestyle such as those practicing martial arts, taekwondo, outdoor rock climbing, CrossFit, bionic gym equipment, weightlifting, and activities that rely heavily on forearm muscle and grip.
  • HAND GRIP & UPPER BODY EXERCISER - Get the physical therapy equipment that is great for strengthening your hands, wrists, chest, biceps, triceps, core muscles, forearm grip, and more. Build powerful hands and a stronger grip, increase elbow strength, improve shoulder and arm posture as well as therapy for elbow, carpal tunnel recovery, and increased dexterity.
  • PAIN RELIEF AND PHYSICAL THERAPY EQUIPMENT - Excellent physical therapy tools, the Serenilite flex bars will support your rehabilitation and recovery. Use them to relieve pain and other symptoms from tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, carpal tunnel, gamer's thumb, other hand or arm-related injuries as well as for post-surgical recovery.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION COLOR-CODED BARS - Expertly crafted this physical therapy tool is made with high quality, durable thermoplastic rubber to provide both strength and flexibility to power your workouts. 4 different color bars (check resistance level chart in images before ordering) provide a custom resistance level that can meet the needs of all types of physical conditions (sold standalone as well as in sets of 2/3/4 bars).
  • WORKOUT TOOL FOR ACTIVE AND ATHLETIC LIFESTYLE - The Serenilite Flex Bars can be used by golfers, badminton or tennis players, video gamers, musicians, painters, artists,