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About Us

We are a young but fast-growing company looking to make a real impact in the world. Our products are designed to help customers live a healthy, mindful, and relaxed life by enabling them to relieve stress, manage anxiety, and function at their best. Our ethos has always been to offer premium products that use the highest quality materials while providing great value to customers. 

It all started with a personal quest to address stress. Unbeknownst of us, modern digital life has thrust high levels of stress and anxiety on society and yet we did not have effective ways to unburden ourselves of this stress. We decided to do something about it and the Serenilite brand was born.

Serenilite is starting to make a real difference in the world. We have helped thousands of customers of all ages with reducing stress and managing anxiety as well as with rehabilitation and improving overall health & fitness. We are excited to see how our brand evolves as well as grow our impact over time.


Doing Well by Doing Good

With over $40,000+ in products and proceeds donated to schools, healthcare institutions, and other relief organizations since 2015, Serenilite has made it a priority to give back to society. We are in a position to do so thanks in large part to customers like you who chose to our products. We endeavor to grow our philanthropic efforts as our brand scales new heights.