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Serenilite Dual Colored Hand Therapy Stress Ball - Electrical Surge

Serenilite Dual Colored Hand Therapy Stress Ball - Electrical Surge


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Let our reviews from valuable customers from our products speak for themselves!

This premium quality bundle is carefully crafted to provide optimal comfort for your hands. Each Serenilite Stress Ball is 2.4 inches in diameter and carefully crafted with an ultra-durable soft gel encased in a smooth dual colored fabric cloth, retaining its shape after every squeeze. Trust us, you’ll be surprised as to how much our stress balls can change your life!

Get a grip:

Have many deadlines to meet? Stressed when traveling? Having some headaches frequently? Running late to an appointment? Does the phone keep ringing? High level of stress at home and work can lead to poor health conditions! Bounce back and recuperate from daily struggles in the office, home, and on the go after each squeeze.

Spark multiple senses:

Strengthen your hands, forearms, and fingers while soothing and providing clarity to the mind. Very therapeutic. Sense of touch, not enough? The premium fabrics are soothing to the eyes and provide the best relief to the mind.

You can use our stress balls as a substitute for sticky balls, sticky ceiling balls, grip strength trainer, glow balls that stick to ceiling, adhd toys, and other stress relief toys for adults.

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