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Why Are Stress Balls Beneficial?

Ever wonder why these small, yet round objects called ‘stress balls’ have been one of the timeless items that you may have had in your hands at one point in your life? 

The invention of the stress ball goes back more than a thousand years, with its roots within the periods of dynastic China. From using stones, nuts, and spherical metal objects, the Chinese had not only felt a dramatic increase in dexterity, but also improved mental clarity when going about their daily lives. Even as time went by, the legacy of the stress ball still does not falter.

Why would such a little ball-like object last throughout the ages? Surprisingly, stress balls can actually be extremely beneficial to your wellbeing:

  • Stress Relief

 Regardless of how ordinary a stress ball may look to you, they can actually help bring a little extra relief into your otherwise hectic day! Squeezing a stress ball can actually help activate many different networks in your brain that can stimulate the senses. Because your brain is now focusing on the stress ball, this draws attention away from what you may have been stressing about just moments ago. Stress balls can help ease your mind and provide an outlet instantly, even if you are at your desk on the phone. Just like exercise, a stress ball can provide instant relief to muscles in your hands, wrist, and forearms. In turn, your brain releases serotonin and dopamine, contributing to less stress and leaving you feeling much better than you were before.

  • Natural Remedy and Rehabilitation

Stress balls have been found to have a significant effect on the hands and forearms. These stress balls can be quite helpful to you if you have any symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any discomfort or pain in the hands in general. Stress balls can also affect other areas of your body because it helps increase blood flow to the arms and hands and provides conditioning to the muscles all the way from the shoulders to your fingertips. Many that undergo surgery near the hand area enjoy stress balls because of their ability to aid in postoperative recoveries and strengthening. Even if you’re lounging out on your couch or lying flat on your bed, having a stress ball with you will help you obtain even the slightest bit of physical activity in your day.

  • Fun 

The bounce and awesome color combinations on modern stress balls has never been more captivating to the eyes of many. Whether you are having a hectic day or are in need of some instant relief, stress balls come to the rescue as they are pretty darn durable and easy to stowaway on your travels.

All in all, stress balls are a great way for you to relief your stress. Come on, it’s fun, relieves stress, and improves health. What could be better than that?