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Stress Busting Foods 101

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better tasting than a plate of crispy fries to eat when trying to relax after a day’s worth of work. However, these decadent, salty, and high-sugar foods provide only temporary emotional and physical relief to mitigate the effects of a stressful day. These fatty foods can end up making you feel nauseous and irritated due to changes in mood, leaving you even more stressed than you were before you started eating. The more stressed you get, the more damage you’ll due to the muscles in your body, resulting in chronic pain and inflammation. However, there are some foods that help combat stress that are healthy and leave your body feeling awesome for days to come! I’ve listed five foods below for you to incorporate into your daily diet for a healthy and stress-free lifestyle:

5 Foods That Combat Stress:

  1. Wild Salmon & Tuna

Fish high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids such as mackerel, sardines, wild salmon, and tuna, are great food options for stress relief. These fish contain essential fatty acids and fish oils that help combat depression-related emotions. These fatty acids and oils also lowers levels of unnecessary fats in the body, resulting in lower blood pressure as well as a lower risk for heart-related problems.

Because stress increases susceptibility for inflammation in your body, Omega 3’s and fish oils can help serve as anti-inflammatory supplements for your body, highly found in these fish we’ve listed above. So next time you’re having sushi, skip the rice and go for a healthier tuna or salmon sashimi dish instead!

  1. Blueberries

Enjoy eating fruits? Blueberries are a great source of vitamin C and are effective antioxidants for your body. Antioxidants play a role in managing and maintaining bodily systems, aiding in the prevention of diseases such as cancer and vision loss. They are also beneficial for reducing symptoms leading to arthritis caused by continuous stress and inflammation of the body. These antioxidants assist in increasing dopamine levels, which play a critical role in preventing depression and maintaining positive moods. Skip the chips and bring blueberries to snack on while working in your office.

      3. Chocolate (Dark)

Ever wonder why chocolates are always blissful and delicious? Turns out they can be extremely beneficial to your body, both physically and emotionally. Dark chocolates help increase hormones that support the release of natural opiates in your body, preventing symptoms of depression and promoting happier thoughts. Because dark chocolates are low in unhealthy fats, they can be a beneficial to decreasing symptoms of heart disease while lowering blood pressure as well as inflammation in the body. Trust me, a bite out of dark chocolate will leave you in a better mood than a milk chocolate bar in the long run.

     4. Leafy Vegetables

Always eat your vegetables, especially the green ones. Vegetables such as spinach contain folic acid which assists in the maintenance of dopamine and serotonin levels, leaving you less prone to symptoms of depression and in a more upbeat mood. Spinach contains Vitamins A through C which assist in not only improving emotional betterment but also provide bodily improvement in lowering symptoms of high blood pressure and prevention of vision loss. Pair your salad next time with some blueberries!

5. Dairy (Yogurt & Milk) & Eggs

Dairy products such as yogurt and milk are high in Calcium. Calcium is a very effective means in order to maintain mood as well as muscle function. Eggs are also high in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and calcium, which support muscle strength. Calcium is important in preventing symptoms of lethargy, muscle weakness, and deficiencies in bone densities. These foods are a great way to start your morning.


Just like some exercises are effective means in relieving stress, so too are some food that provide important nutrients that are essential to your body in promoting a happy, as well as healthy, body and mind.