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How Colors Can Change Your Mood

Did you know that the colors you see significantly affect your emotional state and can alter the decisions you make throughout your day?

Colors are detected by small receptors called cones inside of your eyes. From there, these colors provoke a plethora of varying feelings and nostalgic memories from the activation of numerous networks within the mind. Colors can affect you even physically as emotions can quickly inundate the body.

Let’s take a rainbow, for example. Each of the seven colors of a rainbow invokes a different psychological effect on your mind and body. Each color has its own distinctive attribute: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. 

Intensifying Colors


This color provokes feelings of assertiveness, aggressiveness, and excitability. Being placed around an environment with vibrant red colors can help make you motivated in achieving your goals. With the color red, you may feel confident and dominant.


Is slightly less intimidating than red. Orange provokes feelings of optimism, happiness, and sensuality. With orange, you may overindulge in what makes you happy if surrounded by an environment where orange color is present in large quantities.


Like orange, yellow induces feelings of happiness. What differentiates feelings of yellow from its excitable counterparts is its ability to provoke clear and rational thinking. In some cases, you may seem excitable and evasive to some and be opinionated.

Soothing Colors


This is a balanced color that promotes feelings of balance and stability. It brings about feelings of steadiness and consistency. If you are in an environment with plenty of green colors, you will tend to be steady and consistent with the task at hand.


Blue represents feelings of peacefulness and serenity. With feelings of calmness also evokes trustworthiness and sincerity. This brings about feelings of mental clarity and helps provide a sense of bodily security.


Purple is able to calm those that are easily irritated and feel that there is imbalance in their lives. Like blue, purple also helps relax and ease the mind from hardships accrued during the day.


The color violet is able to stimulate the mind and spark imagination. It allows creativeness to flow easily through the mind and through the body. This is a color that is able to provide mental clarity while sparking out-of-the-box thinking.

Objects that allow you to focus and draw your can either provide you an uplifting or relieving sensation. Colors on stress balls, for example, can provide you with instant relief in an otherwise “one-colored” or monochromatic environment such as in an office or a store.

So next time you go about your day, bring a stress ball with you and see how your entire mood changes.