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Serenilite Meditation Cushion - Blue Velvet Cover

Serenilite Meditation Cushion with Velvet Cover | Zafu Meditation Pillows with 100% Natural Buckwheat Hull | Yoga Bolster | Sea Blue


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ESCAPE YOUR WORRIES – Relieve stress, soothe your mind, and experience paradise in minutes with your meditation cushion set. Relax and discover your inner tranquility and peace in these troubled times with your meditation pillow. So go ahead and create a new daily ritual that can take your wellness to the next level with your Zafu meditation cushion!

IDEAL BODY SUPPORT – Designed for ideal body support, your meditation cushion will help you achieve a comfortable seated position for your meditation and yoga practice so you can focus on breathing and achieve deep relaxation. With this floor cushion you will maintain a solid posture allowing you to bring your mind and body into balance and relieving pressure on your knees, ankles and legs while keeping your spine straight.

100% NATURAL BUCKWHEAT HULL FILLING WITH ADJUSTABLE FIRMNESS – Filled with 100% natural buckwheat hulls, this round floor pillow comes with the best filling for meditation cushions that adjusts to support your body. What’s more is that you can easily adjust the firmness of your meditation pillow with the included extra insert that is pre-filled with buckwheat – so no mess from handling buckwheat hulls! Finding the ideal level of comfort and support in your meditation pillow could not be easier!

MULTIFUNCTIONAL – Use your meditation pillow for many activities at home like on your couch or bed while lounging, watching TV, or reading! The built-in handle makes it portable for outdoor use whether you are heading to the beach, a meditation retreat or campground.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Your zafu meditation cushion will transform your meditation and yoga practice. Try it once and you’ll never want to let it go or sit on the cold hard floor again. Don’t believe us? We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - simply try it out and return if you don’t love it for any reason, no questions asked!